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Our Accounting Services

A wide range of our services makes we can help you whether you just looking for their place in the world, whether you know how you want to achieve success. Through our openness, experience and expertise you can trust us in virtually every case. See what we do include:

Income Tax – We provide full service accounting firms and individuals, need to execute the settlement or have a question about taxes – we are right for you.

Business Support Limited – (Full Accounting). Limited Company – a company with limited liability. In contrast to the self-emplyed liability does not apply to personal property, only the assets transferred to the company. This is the most prestigious form of business, at high speeds can save on taxes. If you are not sure if this is the right form for you, please contact us.

Self-Employed – Self-employment, the simplest possible form of economic activity, allowing the hiring of people. Prepayments can be sent by post to 30 October to 31 January or on the Internet.

Partnership – Form similar to the self-employed, however, as the name suggests the company is owned at least two partners sharing the gains or losses generated by the company.

Benefits – Social Benefits – People on low incomes can apply for payment of various benefits. People with children may apply for Child Benefit or Child Tax Credit. People on low incomes may qualify for Working Tax Credit. Pregnant women under certain conditions may apply for Maternity Pay, and a one-time benefit Sure Start Maternity Grant. If you are working legally, but still need help you can get a grant for rent and tax (Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit). If your situation is very severe you can apply for social mieszkalnie (Council Housing).

Temporary and permanent residency (registration certificate). To obtain a temporary residency (residence permit) is necessary to show at least 12 months’ financial independence (eg, employment, self-employment). Permanent residency (permanent residence) requires the presentation of the same documents as to obtain temporary residency, but with a period of at least 5 years. Possession of residency has a positive meaning if you want to buy a house or apartment, borrow or use other services sector, banking and finasnowego. A residency can even try to get state social aid (benefits).

The British Nationality (British Citizenship). Being a citizen of the new EU member state can apply for British citizenship after six years of stay in the UK. For this purpose, you must document the six year period of employment, self-employment or financial independence. It should also pass the exam Life in the UK, or complete the ESOL course with elements of British Citizenship.

Official Matters – In your name we contact the authorities. We’ll call, we will send a letter, we will help change the address. Do you have something to do – do not hesitate, we solve the problem so you do not have to worry.

Sworn Translations – Translations of this type are required, with certain types of official documents. This is a full translation of both the content and the seal, additions and all kinds of annotations. Translations made by us are accepted by all institutions in the UK at the Home Office, HM Revenue and Customs, DVLA, or the courts.

Insurance – This form to ensure your safety in case of unexpected events. You can protect yourself against unemployment, disability, critical illness. For persons who have or intend to start a family is very important insurance against death. Anyone who appreciates peace should also be interested in building and property insurance.

Accounting Office in London, Ealing Broadway, we invite you cordially.

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